Rhapsody in Darkness

Case File #001a

Dates: 09/16/09 to 09/19/09

Investigated by: Denise, Martin

Strange similarities between cases at Echo Vale Asylum lead Martin (in his capacity as therapist and neuropharmacologist) to investigate rumors of a person or creature responsible for the deaths of at least three individuals in and around Echo Vale.

  1. Description: Roughly humanoid, though emaciated (possibly skeletal); dark in coloration; multiple limbs tipped with claws or stabbing points. SPECIAL NOTE: all witnesses describe the subject’s face as appearing to be their own. (Reflective? Psychic? Further information required)
  2. Behavior: Violent, apparently predatory. No matching reports of killings without witnesses: lack of information only, or does the subject want to be seen? Likely of low intelligence, though probably capable of careful stalking behavior (see below).
  3. Capabilities: Natural stabbing weapons, also useful for climbing (witnesses report rapid scaling of sheer walls with only negligible handholds). Moves swiftly on several limbs, which are used apparently interchangeably for locomotion and attack. Witnesses report feeling paralyzed or frozen while the subject was attacking its victims.
  4. Vulnerabilities: Fire, mirrors (see below).

Upon plotting the locations of the deaths on a map, it is revealed that the killings centered around a small church (“Church of St. Paul the Evangelist”; also a noted historical site, see Appendix 1). Martin investigates and recovers a fragmentary journal entry of a former pastor at the site. The entry indicates that the pastor (“M. Corvere”) was attempting to “summon” the subject (reason unknown), which he refers to primarily as “The Witnessed”.

Martin is joined by Denise for further investigation. They achieve basement access to the church after hours, and enter its disused reliquary. They are attacked by the subject and escape.

First contact with the subject results in:
  • Major injury to Martin (multiple slash, stab wounds) and minor injury to Denise (same)
  • Confirmation that the creature is repelled by mirrors
  • Unknown degree of injury to subject (blunt trauma)
  • Whereabouts of subject unknown, but probably resides under the church


Cell retreats for recuperation and preparation. Evidence suggests the subject will become more active closer to October 31st. Halloween tours of the church and its reliquary are popular. Immediate action is required.

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