Dr. Martin Bright

Rational truth seeking psychiatrist


Str oo Dex oo Sta oo

Int oo Wit oooo Res oo

Pre oo Man oo Com ooo

HEALTH 7 WILLPOWER 5 Initiative +5

MENTAL - Academics o - Computer o - Crafts - Investigate o -A Medicine oo (Psychopharmacology) - Occult - Politics o - Science o

PHYSICAL - Athletics o - Brawl - Drive o - Firearms o - Larceny o - Stealth - Survival - Weaponry

SOCIAL - Animal Ken -A Empathy oo (Personalities) - Expression o - Intimidate oo - Persuasion o - Socialize o - Streetwise o -A Subterfuge ooo (Spotting Lies)

Contacts o (Coroner’s Office) Resources ooo Allies (Police Force) oo Trained Observer o


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Dr. Martin Bright

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