Harvey Morris

A harried father


If you think you’re getting my real name, you don’t know me very well.

I have to be quick, you never know who’s watching. Look around, the world is a shell, a veil to keep us comfortable. And I’m here to say, it’s a trick.

I didn’t want to do this – Don’t want to – there’s a reason the veil is there: I am not equipped to deal with what lies beneath it. None of us are. But whether or not you want the things in the dark to exist, they do.

I ran when I found out the truth. I spent sixteen years running, and I’m still not convinced I should’ve ever stopped. But my daughter finally stopped me. “Dad, if you run again, I won’t follow you.”

Rebecca doesn’t see the world as it is, not really. I’ve kept it from her this long, and I’d do anything to keep it from her one more day. She’s why I’m doing this, Rebecca is my reason. She deserves more than the world offers us.

I can’t win this fight, I know that. All I can do is stall, all we can do is fight them off until our lives run out. I beg you, look out your window and take a look at your world, a long look. Our chances are better if we can all fight.

So watch your shadow, very carefully. It may not be your own.

Harvey Morris

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